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3 Key Reasons Why a Self-Made Millionaire Exclusively Uses Credit Cards

Understanding the Benefits of Credit Cards with Tips from Financial Expert Tori Dunlap

Credit cards are like double-edged swords — if you’re not careful, you might end up in a heap of debt. But when used wisely, they can be incredibly beneficial to your financial health. Financial expert Tori Dunlap managed to save her first $100,000 by the age of 25 by using credit cards smartly, and she didn’t stop there. She went on to create a successful multi-million dollar business, all while advocating the responsible use of credit cards.


Why Use Credit Cards?

Let’s break down the advantages of using credit cards, as outlined by Tori Dunlap:

Protection Against Fraudulent Charges

One of the major perks of credit cards is enhanced security against fraud. Here’s an example – imagine you lost your credit card and someone went on a shopping spree. Under federal law, you’re only on the hook for $50 of those unauthorized charges once you report the loss. On the flip side, if your debit card details fall into the wrong hands, recovering lost funds from your drained bank account can be a real challenge.

Earning Rewards and Points

Credit cards can be quite rewarding — literally. Consider this: You’re buying groceries, gas, or even booking a flight; with the right credit card, you could be racking up points or miles with every purchase. These rewards can then be redeemed for experiences that might otherwise be out of reach, such as luxury travel or hotel stays, just like Dunlap has done.


Boost Your Credit Score

Using credit cards responsibly can lead to a better credit score. This is a score that banks and other institutions use to determine how trustworthy you are with money. For instance, timely bill payments and not maxing out your credit can positively influence your score. It’s important to also pay off your full balance monthly to avoid costly interest charges.

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Key Takeaways

Here are the main points you should walk away with for smart credit card use:

  • Secure Your Money: Credit cards offer better protection against fraud compared to debit cards.
  • Earn As You Spend: Sign up for a credit card that provides rewards and cashback for purchases you already make.
  • Boost Your Financial Reputation: Pay your bills on time and maintain low balances to improve your credit score.

Using a credit card doesn’t have to be scary or risky. Like Tori Dunlap’s experience shows, with the right approach, you can turn this financial tool to your advantage, enjoying both peace of mind and some exciting perks. Just remember to spend within your means and stay on top of your payments.


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