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Top 5 Capital One Business Credit Cards of 2023

Understanding Capital One’s Business Credit Cards for Food Truck Owners

Are you dreaming of launching your own food truck? Or maybe you already have one sizzling along the streets, serving up delicious eats. Either way, managing expenses is crucial to your success. This is where Capital One’s business credit cards come in handy, helping you with funding and rewarding you for your purchases.


Capital One’s Spark Credit Card Suite offers different cards with unique benefits designed for various business needs. Let’s simplify the options and help you choose the perfect card for your rolling restaurant!

Best No-Fee Rewards Card: Spark Cash Select

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Purchase APR: 17.99% – 23.99%
  • Credit Required: Excellent

With the Spark Cash Select card, imagine spending on kitchen supplies and earning a $500 bonus for putting $4,500 on the card within the first three months. Plus, get 1.5% cash back on those spice racks and cookware purchases!

Best for 0% Intro APR: Spark Cash Select for Good Credit

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Purchase APR: 17.99% – 23.99%
  • Credit Required: Good

Considering a fancy new grill for your truck? This card has a 0% introductory APR, giving you a grace period for big investments. All while racking up 1.5% cash back on every purchase.

Best for Fair Credit: Spark Classic

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Purchase APR: 29.99%
  • Credit Required: Fair

If your credit score has taken a hit, the Spark Classic works for you. It’s easier to qualify for but remember it has a higher interest rate.

Best for Established Businesses: Spark Cash Plus

  • Annual Fee: $150
  • Purchase APR: N/A (you must pay your balance in full each month)
  • Credit Required: Excellent
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Big food truck league? The Spark Cash Plus is your match. Spend $30,000 in three months, and a $1,200 cash bonus will be yours. The catch? Pay off that balance monthly.


Best for Free Travel Rewards: Spark Miles Select

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Purchase APR: 17.99% – 23.99%
  • Credit Required: Excellent

Do you travel to food festivals or catering events? Earn travel miles with the Spark Miles Select and without an annual fee nuisance.

Best for Travel Rewards: Spark Miles

  • Annual Fee: $95 (waived the first year)
  • Purchase APR: 25.74%
  • Credit Required: Excellent

For the ultimate traveler, the Spark Miles offers extensive travel perks. It’s a bit like upgrading from a hot dog stand to a gourmet burger van!

Perks of Going Capital One

No matter which card you pick, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Easier Account Management: Choose your payment date, set up automatic payments, and get financial summaries.
  • Employee Access: Hand out cards to your team, set spending limits, and earn rewards from their purchases.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: 24/7 virtual assistant and dedicated agents, because even food truck owners need back-up.

Choosing the Right Capital One Card for Your Food Truck

Decide based on:

  • Your credit health
  • Your willingness to pay an annual fee
  • Your business travel frequency
  • Your ability to pay off the balance each month
  • Your need for a 0% intro APR period

Capital One has created a business credit card buffet – there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re just whipping up your food truck business plan or are already on the road serving customers, pick the card that will help you manage your budget and spice up your rewards. Bon appétit and happy spending!


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